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Operational Resilience: Turning a New Regulatory Standard into an Opportunity


Operational resilience has been a hot topic in the global banking community. However, in many ways, the industry is simply being asked to asked to more effectively reduce operational risk while capitalizing on opportunities for growth. This will lead to better outcomes not only for regulators, but for customers, employees, and shareholders alike. 

To realize these benefits, regulated organizations need to leverage tools and techniques beyond the traditional banking operations and process improvement toolkit to achieve strategic initiatives. 

Operational Resilience: Turning a New Regulatory Standard into an Opportunity  delves into the advantages of leveraging Process Mining as a strategic tool for operational risk reduction and resilience. Read how to seize the opportunity presented by new regulations to reduce costs (including operational risk capital), improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the level of regulator intervention.  

Process Mining in 2023: Time for Value, Time to Value


For the past 12 years, process mining has had a remarkable adoption path, evolving from a niche technology to discover process maps from transactional data, to a rich body of data-driven methods and tools for business process monitoring and optimization.

Along the way, companies round the world have invested billions of dollars into optimizing their operations with process mining. Many have reaped tangible benefits. But an over-emphasis on technical capabilities and product features over and above business value, has led many process mining initiatives struggling to navigate past their proof-of-value phase to achieve enterprise-wide value delivery.

Our latest Whitepaper, authored by co-founder and professor Marlon Dumas presents key solutions and reveals the direction of process mining in 2023, which includes delivering value by efficiently channelling efforts (time for value) and doing so fast, reliably and iteratively (time to value).

Key Takeaways:  

  • Discover, prepare and utilize the advancements of process mining in 2023
  • Understand current process mining opportunities and challenges
  • Learn how time for value and time to value will aid your process mining efforts


Breaking the Fail-Fix Cycle of Process Compliance in Banks with a Process Mining Off-Ramp


As the importance of process compliance increases, organizations must improve process transparency to better adhere to the regulation and maintenance of industry standards and guidelines. Especially the last few years have shed light on business process compliance challenges. Process mining plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for finding an effective solution to these challenges in organizations by gaining critical insights into end-to-end business processes. 

In our paper, co-authored by a group of experts from the industry, business leaders can learn how to use process mining to improve process compliance efforts with long-term results.

Key Takeaways:  

  • Learn how process mining can deliver end-to-end visibility into business processes, enabling organizations to better comply with rules and regulations 
  • Understand why process mining helps you save resources and time to easily identify roadblocks and achieve a simplified set of steps to process compliance using a data-driven approach  


From Process Mining to Augmented Business Process Management


Process mining is evolving to include a range of other capabilities, such as prescriptive monitoring, predictive monitoring, AI-augmented process improvement, and execution. These capabilities portray a new approach to business process mining, which leverages data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to achieve continuous process improvement for businesses on their journey of operational excellence. We call the approach Augmented Business Process Management.

In our paper, you can explore the trends driving the urgency of implementing Augmented Business Process Management. Learn how your business can start utilizing the powerful capabilities these trends bring to achieve feasible results with a long-term effect supported by data analytics and AI to inform process improvement decisions both at design-time and runtime.

Key Takeaways:  

  • Learn why this next evolution of process mining is set to help businesses determine the real causes of performance outcomes utilizing AI-powered capabilities.

  • Discover what Augmented Business Process Management is and what impact it can have on your processes. 

  • Understand what your organization can do to benefit from Augmented Business Process Management long-term supporting continuous improvement of your business.


8 Steps to Operational Excellence with Process Mining


Organizations today are under significant competitive pressure; customers expectations have reached an all-time high and employees are demanding new working models and flexibility. All these factors lead to rapidly changing business processes in all departments. Process owners are meanwhile struggling to keep pace with adapting their processes while gaining meaningful process intelligence to support effective decision-making.

In our eight-step pathway to operational excellence, business leaders can learn how to lay the foundation for successful utilization of process mining to support continuous improvement and change management.

Key Takeaways:  

  • Learn how process mining can empower employees to work smarter, better; delighting customers at key moments of truth

  • Understand why process mining helps you save resources and time while paving the road to automation and data-based continuous improvement


New Strategies to Improve Banking Resiliency

(Banking series with Nigel Adams)  


Banking resiliency has come a long way since the global financial crisis of 2008. Banks around the globe are transforming at an unprecedented level and on multiple fronts, including digital transformation, risk and compliance, and organizational transformation. To help decision-makers navigate these change processes, Apromore teamed up with Nigel Adams, banking expert and Director at Hetton Advisory, to create a comprehensive white paper series on process mining in banking.

Key Takeaways 

  • Understand the significant potential for process mining to make a real difference to banking performance
  • Deep dive into how process mining can help your bank manage transformation change processes in a series of separate whitepapers


Accelerating Process Modeling with Process Mining


Business Analysts too often encounter process models that are incomplete, imprecise, incorrect, or a combination of the above. While well-crafted process models hold a lot of value, they often don’t show what the processes actually look like. On the other hand, process mining uses process data to visualize the real process flow, including all workarounds and loops.  

Download our whitepaper in collaboration with BPM expert Sandy Kemsley, an industry analyst and technical strategy consultant, to understand how process mining technology can accelerate and complement process modeling initiatives.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Learn how to accelerate your analytical efforts by combining process modeling and process mining 
  • Understand the benefits of process mining for your operational management, such as conformance checking or the identification of cost/resource trade-offs 


Improving Superannuation Operational Performance with Better Information 


Superannuation funds are under pressure to keep up with evolving customer needs and ensure processes are streamlined. In an attempt to understand customer journeys and processual inefficiencies many super funds turned to traditional process discovery and modeling workshops in the past. A time-consuming and costly approach.  

Download our white paper to learn how process mining provides a faster and more cost-effective solution to the challenges currently faced by superannuation funds.  

Key Takeaways  

  • Learn how process mining leads to better decision-making in the customer-centric superannuation environment 
  • Explore a superannuation case study to understand the impact of process mining  




Process Mining in 2021 and Beyond


Process Mining has been established as an integral part of the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline. The number of success stories is rapidly increasing, while the process mining field is dynamically evolving, and new trends are maturing.

Download our introductory whitepaper to access a summary of these new process mining trends and to get an understanding of the exciting opportunities the digital transformation is holding for us!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about five maturing process mining trends
  • Get an overview of application fields for each trend


Keeping a Healthy Operational Backbone with Process Mining


IT systems are supporting almost every business operation, collecting data along the way. A hidden treasure waiting for you to unearth it! Process mining utilizes this data to help organizations better understand their real business processes and to keep up with the ever-evolving market demands.

Learn more about how process mining works, get to know its main techniques, and how it can be implemented into the BPM lifecycle. Our easy-to-follow five-step approach will help you overcome potential challenges, successfully implement process mining, and keep a healthy operational backbone in the long run!

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to process mining techniques and capabilities
  • Five-step approach to successfully administering process mining




Enhancing Business Process Management with Process Mining


Applying process mining capabilities to Business Process Management (BPM) efforts holds great potential. As more and more organizations are implementing process mining, they are experiencing the positive effects on their process improvement effectiveness and efficiency, while understanding their real process landscape in greater detail.

Read this whitepaper to learn more about how process mining methods can be applied to the BPM stages and about their associated benefits. Let our Principal Consultant, Max Tay, guide you through the application fields of process mining!

Key Takeaways

  • Deepen your knowledge of the DMAIC stages and process mining capabilities
  • Understand how process mining can support your BPM efforts