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Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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Quickly create accurate digital twin models and prepare for interactive simulation with process mining.

The current environment demands businesses to be highly adaptable and responsive to succeed. Well-intended “improvements” often create new issues, solid processes crumble under changed conditions and customer satisfaction decreases in response to process changes. A digital twin business model allows you to predict the impact of those changes, prioritize, monitor, and scale digital investments.

But how do you create a digital twin when your business has complex processes and interdependencies, many of which may not be known?

Automated business process discovery using process mining can help reduce the risk of failure of digital twins by starting from an accurate model, providing the ability to run interactive simulations and monitoring ongoing conformance and performance. Make better decisions with Apromore Enterprise Edition’s process mining and digital twin process simulation technology.

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Why and How to Design Digital Twins


Simply put, a digital twin of an organization is a dynamic mirror of your services or processes. With process mining capabilities as the base for this representation, digital twins form the foundation for simulations and improved forecasting. Unlike manually created models, this data-driven approach allows you to quickly and efficiently run different scenarios and analyze “what-if” possibilities. This means teams can better determine the impact on business value and reduce the risk of misguided investments. For example, how much will your process improve if you automated the main bottleneck in a critical process using RPA technology?


Why and How to Design Digital Twins

The Benefits of Using Process Mining for Digital Twins

Creating a successful transformation using digital twin models requires a high degree of transparency into existing processes and the ability to evolve models as business situations change. Gain the confidence to make decisions with Apromore’s ability to dive deep into your current processes and empower analysts and business decision makers with easy-to-use yet advanced algorithms to measure risk, cost and value. Apromore’s Integration Center means that business users can ingest data they need using a no-code environment, with less reliance on scarce IT resources.

Use cases further include:



Push Innovation

Use digital twin models and process mining to understand your status-quo, map customer journeys, and simulate business opportunities. Innovation does not have to be risky. Ensure you make changes where they are improving your business operations.

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Accelerate Automation Initiatives 

Find those tasks that profit the most from automation, and those that are specifically suitable for automation via RPA, while making sure the end-to-end process is improved. Using the wide variety of process mining analysis capabilities, drive your automation journey where it matters.

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Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chains have taken a big hit in the past two years. Utilize digital twins to improve your resiliency by being better prepared for disruptions and changes.

Supply Chain Resilience




Respond quicker to market changes by simulating several scenarios using your digital twin model. Identify positive outliers and see how you can use these scenarios to improve end-to-end processes with minimal risk.

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