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Our certified partnerships enable customers to leverage Apromore’s advanced capabilities to deliver more business insights. We pride ourselves on establishing and nurturing strong relationships with our partners so that you can expect a seamless experience between product and service delivery. Our partners’ ecosystem includes business consultancy, implementation and technology providers covering industry verticals and different geographies for local language and time-zone support. To become a partner, please contact us by using this form.


Partner Map

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  • Clear Analytics
  • Conytec
  • Cuesta Partners
  • Dappro
  • ECM Consulting Group
  • Exyge Management Consulting
  • e-Consulting Global Solutions
  • FPT Software
  • HealthRecon Connect LLC
  • HyBridge Solutions
  • Levio
  • Lucro Consulting
  • MuleSoft
  • NeuraFlash
  • Nous Group
  • NSI Soluciones
  • OPCiber
  • Ofi
  • P&S Business Process Management
  • R-Cubed Consultants
  • Salesforce
  • Soroco
  • Tacient
  • TUWE
  • Workato
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  • ADEAL Systems
  • Alchemmy
  • Breakawai
  • Brendil
  • Decide
  • GBTEC Software AG
  • GetTIME
  • Harrier
  • Hesplora
  • HSPI
  • ICS4
  • Imatia
  • iterem
  • Key Value
  • Nortal
  • Nous
  • Orion Valley
  • Ovations Technologies
  • SCS Consulting
  • SMC
  • Strategic Management Partners
  • Syscons
  • UltimateSuite
  • Unitfly
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  • Avaali
  • Avadeen Consulting
  • Blue Crane Consulting
  • CiGen
  • Datamatics
  • Deloitte Australia
  • DigiformerSaaSlab
  • HeartCore
  • IronField
  • Kerner Noland
  • Leonardo
  • Magia Solutions (a Deloitte company)
  • Niltech
  • Nous
  • ProcessX
  • State of Matter
  • Vantage Forward


Conytec partners

Conytec is a professional service firm with more than 18 years of market experience in business process consulting, infrastructure and operations services. With offices in Chile and Peru, Conytec supports its customers to establish their continuous improvement processes and activities. By nurturing a long-lasting relationship, Conytec ensures their clients strengthen their competitive position and achieve sustainable success. A strong market presence in Education, Healthcare, and Finance are just a few examples of Conytec’s footprint.


Dappro partners

Dappro is a team of process experts focused on generating results that support the growth of companies. Based in Colombia, Dappro is utilizing its many years of experience to improve efficiency and successfully drive the generation of value for its clients. Dappro supports companies in areas such as technology, sales and finance through a variety of consulting and integration services which help identify, analyze and support the key operations to achieve stable business growth and optimize existing resources.



ECM Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm based in Pennsylvania, USA. The team specializes in business process optimization, CFO advisory, and program management while successfully increasing their customers’ competitive advantage and ROI. Leveraging their over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations across all industries, ECM Consulting Group supports their clients by addressing challenges across the full business change lifecycle, from strategy to delivery, using the latest technology such as process mining.



e-Consulting Global Solutions is a global B2B firm based in Latin America that serves the management consulting industry. The team is a trusted delivery partner for consulting solopreneurs and SMBs worldwide, providing them with new and innovative digital and methodological capabilities to expand their portfolio under their own brand. By working with small consultancies, e-Consulting Global Solutions enables them to offer state-of-the-art products and services to their local markets efficiently and with fast time-to-market. e-Consulting Global Solutions provides capabilities in automation technologies, robotics, process mining, data analytics, as well as virtual delivery capabilities for training, change management, organizational culture, and industry verticalized services, such as FATCA and CRS regulatory reporting. The team also provides expertise in verticals such as financial services and shared services.



Exyge Management Consulting is a management consulting and operations leader based in a well-positioned location in the center of the Americas – Costa Rica. With over 20 years of experience across Latin America and the United States, they bring top-level support for organizations in non-manufacturing industries. The team helps these organizations run their business on the most optimal level through Management Consulting. Exyge’s main focus is on financial services, effective management, and support areas – treasure, accounting, procurement, and human services; to name a few.


FPT partners

FPT Software is a leading technology and IT services provider with numerous locations in North America (US and Canada), Australia, and across Asia, employing over 30,000 process experts. As a pioneer in digital transformation initiatives, FPT Software ensures its customers across a variety of industries successfully implement and adopt modern technologies that suit their business goals. With more than 20 years of experience and over 700 global customers, FPT Software brings its clients technological innovations and leading services in RPA, process mining, and more.




HyBridge Solutions is a nationally recognized provider of professional services focused on digital transformation. Based in Atlanta, USA, the experienced HyBridge team is a strategic partner working with clients to successfully improve customer, patient, and employee satisfaction. With deep domain expertise in various industries, HyBridge Solutions knows that every customer requires unique configurations. Active change management is adopted to unlock the full potential of their software investments and lay the foundation for improved decision-making, for example through process mining.



MuleSoft is a world leading integration platform provider for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. Based out of San Francisco, MuleSoft provides exceptional business agility to companies by connecting applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API-led approach.



Nous Group is an international management consulting firm with offices in Australia, the UK, and Canada. With over 20 years of experience, Nous Group partners with its customers to shape world-class businesses, effective governments, and empowered communities. Nous Group offers a range of consulting services, helping their clients overcome their most complex strategic challenges and supporting them to create and implement long-lasting transformational strategies and change.



NSI Soluciones is a leading BPM consulting firm based in Panama, with a broad reach across LATAM. For more than a decade, NSI’s team has delivered BPM solutions in the banking, insurance, pharma, telco, higher-ed, and government sectors. NSI’s process mining team is already engaged with Central American clients in scoping and delivering data-driven BPM solutions. This partnership enables NSI to deliver process improvement projects with a short time-to-value.




Ofi Services is a digital consultancy that provides enterprise customers with five main services: Process Mining, RPA, IT Transformation, AI Applications and Business Intelligence. Ofi Services´ team consists of business and IT consultants, engineers, architects, data scientists and other specialists across the globe, servicing customers in every time zone. The company has been a trusted advisor to customers such as Amazon, BASF, Nissan, AB Inbev, among others.



OPCiber is a boutique process optimization consultancy firm based in Chile. With a strong network of local and international professionals, OPCiber’s team helps its customers to streamline and standardize their processes and to set up systems for continuous adaptation and improvement. The partnership with Apromore enables OPCiber to reduce the time to market of its process optimization projects by focusing change efforts on the most critical parts of each business process.



Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers.


Soroco logo

Soroco is on a mission to change how the world gets work done. Powered by multiple patents, its flagship product, the Scout AI model, generates a work graph - a map of hidden pains teams experience at work and their impact on business outcomes. Today, this graph drives productivity improvements in 100s of organizations globally, including several Fortune 500 companies. Soroco has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, and was listed on Bloomberg’s list of ideas that defined 2022. With operations spanning Boston, London, and Bangalore, Soroco was founded by alumni of Harvard, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon.



Tacient is based in Silicon Valley and helps organizations realize the benefits associated with up-leveling their current approach to process management based on experience working with global leaders in finance, manufacturing, and technology. Tacient’s team utilizes industry-leading process management best practices combined with Apromore’s process mining technology to reveal how processes actually perform, support recommendations for improvements and contribute to reshaping an organization’s digital transformation efforts.

TUWE is a Chilean strategic consulting pioneer providing Enterprise Architecture solutions for businesses in the private and public sector. Tuwe’s strength is in identifying businesses’ components and the relationships between them to plan, design, and implement business models. The team’s primary attention is multidisciplinary and multicultural, linked to several fields, such as Information Technology, Business Models, Processes, Change Management, Leadership, and Strategic Communication.




VERSARIA has been delivering mission-critical solutions in Mexico to major players in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Retail for over 15 years. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and ensure their critical processes remain available, performant, and well-equipped. We understand the importance of Operational Excellence, Process Automation, Observability, Security, and High Availability, and are proud to have gained the trust and loyalty of our customers through our dedication and commitment to providing the best service. Our experienced team of System Integrators is ready to help you face even the most complex challenges.



Workato is the leading Enterprise Automation Platform. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Workato enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate business processes without compromising security or governance. With no coding required, Workato enables businesses to drive real-time outcomes in the easiest way possible. The partnership between Workato and Apromore makes it simpler for organizations to ingest data from various sources into the Apromore process mining solution. Workato adapters allow data to be ingested from dozens of CRM and ERP systems including Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and Workday. 



Alchemmy partners

Alchemmy is a management consulting firm focused on helping its clients grow and thrive. Headquartered in London, UK, Alchemmy offers a unique blend of approaches and expert capabilities to successfully deliver complex transformations. By unlocking crucial data in their customers’ businesses, the Alchemmy team provides true process understanding and improvementsWith deep expertise in retail & consumer products, transportation, and the public sector, Alchemmy helps its clients to address their biggest growth, operational improvement, digital & data, and change challenges. 



Breakawai is a collective of forward-thinking and diverse people that combine advanced technologies with hard-earned business insights, to help businesses make important breakaways from the hearth of their industry and stand out. By providing cutting-edge process mining technology and a strong business understanding, Breakawai empowers your business and teams to deliver continuous and connected changes to your operational model at high speed, with a high(er) success rate, yet cheaper, compliant and controlled.


DecideDecide is a leading organization in Spain with a focus on developing systems to accelerate decision-making based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. With headquarters in Madrid, the team supports their customers by providing solutions to complex planning decisions and helping them improve operational efficiency of business processes. In addition, Decide offers a comprehensive toolset, including process mining, for accurate, efficient and agile decision-making, adding instant value to their clients’ business.



GBTEC Software AG is a Business Process Management and IT Management expert. The company successfully combines consulting and software development under one roof. GBTEC’s BPM solution “BIC” offers an innovative, fully extended, powerful BPM-suite for process and IT-system optimization. Organizations from different sectors, such as companies listed on the DAX, larger medium-sized enterprises as well as public authorities rely on GBTEC’s BPM solution “BIC”. GBTEC is the lead investor in Apromore’s Series A fundraising and a strategic & technology development partner.


GetTime partnersGetTIME is a boutique task mining consultancy, combining the best of technology and people to create sustainable value for clients. Based in France, GetTIME supports its customers in projects to identify operational efficiency levels by applying a combination of process mining and task mining technology. Understanding the day-to-day tasks of employees is only the first step, GetTIME provides businesses with action plans to achieve operational excellence.


HSPI Partners

HSPI is an Italian management consulting firm with 100 professionals based in three locations: Rome, Milan and Bologna. HSPI is specialized in ICT governance, change management and information risk management, with numerous clients in the public and private sectors. HSPI’s mission is to improve customers’ capabilities by utilizing IT as an enabler for business strategy implementation. HSPI provides consultancy services on process mining using Apromore.



Hesplora is an Italian knowledge integrator that aims to bridge across scientific research, the startup ecosystem and traditional ICT, in order to serve modern business organizations. Through its dedicated Process Mining Lab, Hesplora provides consultancy services on process mining using Apromore.


Imatia is a technology provider offering software products and services, helping organizations around the globe scale their productivity. The team focuses on enhancing user experience in any environment with easy-to-use solutions for leading entities and enterprises across the public and private sectors. For nearly two decades, Imatia has been focusing on delivering its unique 360-degree capabilities to support organizations in their digital transformation journeys by combining specialist teams and practices in analytics, management consulting, systems integration, and business process automation under one roof. Additionally, Imatia offers deep know-how in the manufacturing, supply chain management, and logistics sectors, as well as a track record of contributing to successful digital transformations in the government sectors.


iterem signatura

iterem is a Barcelona-based consulting firm specialized in process-based services and solutions (BPM). Supported by decades of experience, iterem provides expert knowledge to accompany companies in their process governance & continuous improvement efforts. iterem’s services include process analysis, design, automation, and mining, as well as specialized training. The partnership with Apromore enables iterem to enhance the value of its business process optimization and automation projects.



Key Value is an established Italian management consulting company based in Rome and Milan. Key Value‘s team specializes in guiding its clients through a path of efficiency and digitalization that passes through a cultural change, an orientation towards a lean way of thinking in which the entire organization is involved. This approach, which makes process measurement a crucial element, is further enhanced by this partnership, which guarantees an acceleration of time to value and the achievement of Fast Continous Improvement.



Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with operations in Northern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nortal combines a strategic approach and data-driven technology in order to simplify and optimize processes for governments, business and healthcare.



Ovations Technologies is a key player in the South African consultancy arena, with domain expertise in process automation, enterprise architecture, data & analytics, and risk prevention solutions. Ovations guides clients through the entire lifecycle of cloud adoption including initiatives to mitigate strategic workloads to cloud deployment encompassing IaaS, PaaS, FaaS and SaaS approaches. Ovations will use Apromore’s process mining capabilities to propel their client’s digital transformation journeys to the next level.


SCS partners

SCSConsulting is a well-established management consulting firm, headquartered in Bologna, Italy. With more than 20 years of experience in professional consulting,SCSConsulting is a key partner and center of excellence for its national and international clients. Over 100 consultants are supporting organizations in Finance, Industry and Services, Public Administration, Utilities and other industries to create tremendous value and sustainable growth while driving innovation with leading technology such as Apromore’s process mining solution.


SMC Logo

SMC is a network of companies specializing in digital transformation, supported by over 40 years of research. Based in Italy, SMC is a part of the largest Italian Open-Source network. The SMC team utilizes its expertise in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space to offer bespoke digital solutions to maximize the user experience and overall satisfaction for businesses across multiple industries, including administration, utilities, pharmaceutical, and distribution. Additionally, SMC enables its clients to unlock the full potential of their business processes by equipping them with the most innovative digital technologies, such as process mining.


Strategic Media Partners

Strategic Management Partners is a well-established firm within the management consulting sector. Its strength lies in the ability to link innovative and creative strategies to deliver high standard and tangible results. Founded in 2000, it is currently one of the top management consulting companies operating in Italy and 100% Italian funded. Independence, autonomy, innovation and a 360° approach makes Strategic Management Partners a trusted advisor for its clients, throughout the entire value chain. Strategic Management Partners provides consultancy services on process mining using Apromore.


Syscons Futura Logo

Syscons Futura, the Business Technology brand of Syscons, an Impresoft Group Company, is a boutique of excellence specialized in consulting, system integration, and digital services to help clients embrace the Composable Enterprise and make their business future-proof. We are your advisor, coach, and dedicated partner to Integrate, Extend, and Automate the business applications and processes, and Get Insights to unleash the value of data.


thinking solutions

THINKING SOLUTIONS is a client-focused services firm of global operations and solutions experts. We support our customers on their business transformation journey to identify and exploit the system’s constraint(s) in order to enable the potential of the organization. Knowledge, experience, technology, methodology plus a “common sense” approach, are the main levers that we use in order to help our customers to achieve their challenging targets. Being focused, fast and effective is not an option, it’s a must!


UltimateSuite partnersUltimateSuite is a globally operating Task Mining & RPA vendor providing cutting-edge solutions for automated business process analysis. UltimateSuite sets out to help their customers increase workplace productivity and satisfaction. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures businesses achieve their objectives in organization efficiency with suitable levels of process automation. The partnership between UltimateSuite and Apromore allows organizations to create continuous and comprehensive visibility into business operations.



Unitfly delivers technological solutions in the field of information and document management, business processes, as well as business intelligence and process mining. In collaboration with Apromore, Unitfly helps its customers to understand their business processes, to provide superior customer service, and to continuously find opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency.




Avaali Solutions

Avaali is a company that enables enterprises to execute their business goals by leveraging a variety of digital technologies. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the Avaali team supports its customers in creating meaningful digital transformation strategies. Rich experience in implementing best-of-breed digital solutions and a deep understanding of business processes allows Avaali to improve its clients’ process efficiencies and customer experience while simultaneously reducing costs.



Avadeen parthers

Avadeen Consulting is an Australian boutique business process management advisory firm. Its mission is to help organizations achieving their strategic goals by systematically optimizing their process knowledge and understanding. With extensive experience in finance, governance, innovation and process management, Avadeen Consulting is supporting its clients in setting the right process objectives and developing a comprehensive business process management strategy.



Datamatics is an IT and BPM service provider delivering data-driven solutions across several continents, with the main centers in the US, the Philippines and India. With an entirely digital focus, the Datamatics team provides AI-powered solutions to customers across different industries, such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Media & Publishing. By providing top-notch innovative tech solutions, Datamatics enables data-driven businesses to improve productivity with long-term results and deliver a premium customer experience.


Deloitte partnersDeloitte Australia, the Australian partnership of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is a member of Deloitte Asia Pacific Limited and the Deloitte organization. As one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and its affiliates provide audit, tax, consulting, risk advisory, and financial advisory services through a team of over 800 partners and more than 10,000 employees across the country. Focused on the creation of value and growth, and known as an employer of choice for innovative human resources programs, the team is dedicated to helping their clients and their people excel. For more information, please visit their website here. The partnership with Apromore enables enterprises to gain full transparency of their end-to-end processes resulting in continuous and sustainable business improvement.


SaaSlab PremiumLogo Digiformer just

DigiformerSaaSlab is a Korean consulting firm that uses SaaS to help small and medium-sized businesses with digital transformation. The team at DigiformerSaaSlab helps their customers to identify, evaluate and successfully utilize SaaS solutions that meet the business goals. By offering a wide variety of solutions, such as Apromore’s process mining tool, DigiformerSaaSlab creates and implements meaningful and long-lasting digital strategies for their clients.



EQUIBT is a leading business performance consulting firm with over 10 years of international experience. Based in Australia and with offices throughout the APAC region, EQUIBT helps companies of various industries to achieve their full digital potential, work smarter, and accelerate business growth. To ensure comprehensive support in all areas of business performance, EQUIBT offers specialist support in business transformation consulting, and transformation training & development.



HeartCore is a solution provider located in Japan that supports the entire digital transformation journey of its customers. The HeartCore team develops content management as well as customer experience management solutions in-house. On top, they have realized that in order to digitally transform a business, we need to understand the current business processes first – that is why they market and maintain process mining solutions such as Apromore for their customers. HeartCore strives to achieve their clients’ happiness by fulfilling their business goals. With HeartCore, we have developed a version of Apromore in Japanese.  



IronField is a digital transformation company, headquartered in Perth, Australia. Their team of experts provides solutions to enable innovative leaders to quickly understand, prioritize, improve, and scale their complex businesses. IronField engages early with clients on their digital transformation journey and supports them from concept and initiation all the way through to ERP implementations and ongoing improvement, whilst creating space for the clients to stay focused on value throughout the transformation. Process mining is a key enabler for successful digital transformation and this partnership allows IronField to deliver trusted and value-based improvement roadmaps for their clients.


Process X FINAL

ProcessX is focused on delivering customer-centric process improvements that create a step-change uplift in service while returning immediate ROI benefits. They utilize lean and agile process improvement frameworks with robotic process automation (RPA) and process mining technology. By combining these, ProcessX has successfully completed projects that add significant value to both the client and their customers.



Leonardo drives continuous process improvement through technology and has worked with many leading enterprises in APAC to enhance the performance of their business processes through architecture and automation as well as integrating their applications, platforms and data to enable disruptive technologies. Leonardo is assisting the Apromore team in developing the platform strategy and implementing it through an agile methodology, and by providing industry-strength development power to improve the platform. Leonardo is also a consultancy partner of Apromore in process mining and more broadly in business process management.



Magia Solutions (a Deloitte company) is an Australian services provider that helps enterprises, government institutions and the higher education sector build seamless businesses. With offices in Perth, Sydney, and Canberra, Magia Solutions aims at identifying the unique improvement potential of each customer through innovative thinking and advanced enterprise cloud technology. The team turns business complexity into simplicity, focusing on a maximized Return on Investment and streamlined business processes.


SOFM 2021 SofM

State of Matter is a consulting company blending the best of people, processes and technology. By incorporating the latest technology solutions, the team works with and within enterprises across sectors to design value-based solutions delivering results with a long-lasting impact. As a proud member of Cordence Worldwide, a global consulting network, State of Matter provides value to its clients based on the best of the core consulting principles they value – solving key challenges and making a lasting impact. In addition, State of Matter brings customers a unique opportunity to discover and successfully implement innovative ways, including process mining, to gain a real business advantage.

Vantage Forward logo

Vantage Forward is an Australian digital transformation provider helping universities, schools, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and SMEs to strengthen and improve team performance and business value. Consisting of strategists, designers, and technologists, the team at Vantage Forward harnesses the power of the latest technology to optimize their clients’ business processes and reimagine their organizational systems. With a focus on simple but intelligent and effective solutions, Vantage Forward solves expensive business problems in no time.

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