Apromore named Leader in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrantfor Process Mining Platforms

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Start and Scale Intelligent Process Automation with Process Mining

Apromore webinar on-demand

In this online seminar, you’ll learn: 
  • Why low process transparency and complex process environments undermine automation and business process improvement projects 
  • How BPM, RPA, intelligent process automation and process mining capabilities combined can maximize business impact and ROI  
  • Practical next steps to reduce risks and enable automation at scale 

Process Mining in Financial Services

Apromore webinar on-demand

Watch the Webinar On-Demand to:  
  • Understand how banks are using process mining to accelerate time-to-value for a wide range of initiatives currently underway, beyond operational excellence and digital transformation
  • Learn why customer journey transformation will only result in disappointment if it’s not linked to understanding and analyzing the underlying business processes  
  • Hear why operational risk management efforts will falter without the right tools, techniques and people to understand and improve processes 
  • Dive deeper into why accountability for end-to-end process management is needed and how process mining makes this a new possibility

From Process Mining to Augmented Business Process Management

Apromore on-demand talk at PEX Live: Process Mining 2022

In this talk, you’ll learn: 
  • Predictive process monitoring: How predictive dashboards built from process mining logs are enabling several organizations to prevent SLA violations and late deliveries. 
  • Digital process twins: How organizations are using simulation models discovered from process mining logs to estimate the impact and ROI of their process change efforts. 
  • How organizations are using prescriptive process analytics technologies to boost their KPIs with targeted recommendations.  

Seminar: Process Mining and Predictive Monitoring - From Technology to Business Value

Our Co-Founder and Partnerships Manager Marlon Dumas delivered an open webinar on Value-Driven Process Mining through the University of Tartu. The seminar was attended by over 250 participants across the globe!

Seminar: Process Mining in Action with Apromore

Our CEO Marcello La Rosa gave a webinar on value-driven process mining in cooperation with our Italian partner HSPI. The seminar was accompanied by a live demonstration of the latest version of Apromore Enterprise Edition.