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Achieve end-to-end process transparency with process mining by linking your SAP ECC® or S/4HANA® to Apromore.

ERP systems such as SAP® are crucial for today’s business success and it’s nearly impossible to imagine operational endeavors without them. However, ERP systems are very complex to meet increasingly more demanding business requirements, and operational inefficiencies occur more often than anticipated. No doubt, SAP is the backbone of many organizations, but the constantly rising complexity often means real process performance remains obscure. This lack of transparency and the resulting inefficiencies impact productivity and customer satisfaction and can put competitive advantage at risk.  

Connect your SAP system to Apromore to unleash your processes’ full potential, support your digitalization and system migration initiatives, and remain competitive with Apromore for SAP.

SAP Order to cash in Apromore

Take your SAP processes to the next level with Apromore 

Apromore for SAP offers a secure and easy-to-use approach to exploit the benefits of process mining on top of key SAP processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and record-to-report.  

Maximize your ROI by combining SAP and Apromore


1. Accelerate your digital transformation and support your automation initiatives: Utilize the data-driven approach of process mining to identify automation opportunities within your SAP environment. Ensure that projects are streamlined and that you ground your digital transformation on real process data.

2. Boost your efficiency and achieve operational excellence: Eliminate bottlenecks, rework, overprocessing and other sources of waste by gaining full process transparency and anticipate outcomes of process changes through simulation. 

3. Monitor risk and compliance: Regain full control over your SAP processes, easily identify non-compliant variants and efficiently monitor your risk exposure and its impact.  

4. Facilitate your S/4HANA migration: Turn the SAP S/4HANA migration challenge into an opportunity to redesign your processes informed by current friction points and non-compliance issues, automatically discovered from your own SAP ECC environment.  




Explore how Apromore process mining has helped organizations of all stripes accelerate digital transformation, operational excellence and business growth. Read about it in our customer stories. 

Customer Stories

Why our SAP Connector?




Avoid lengthy and costly integration projects. Our preconfigured data extraction pipelines for key processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and record-to-report running on SAP ECC and S4/HANA are ready to be used. Further processes can be supported on-demand. 

Out of the box



Highly configurable 

No two SAP installations are the same. We’ve put particular emphasis on the ability to configure our SAP connector to cater for custom fields and tables you’ve created in your SAP system. This will allow you to significantly reduce the time-to-value for process mining initiatives on top of your own SAP system. 

Highly configurable


Comprehensive end-to-end solutions 

We’ve built comprehensive extraction pipelines to capture end-to-end processes, not just fragments thereof. So rest assured your analyses won’t miss any relevant SAP data. These pipelines are part of comprehensive solutions built for key SAP processes, which include dashboards for your managers to track all relevant process performance indicators.

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions


Seamlessly integrating with non-SAP data 

Do you need to combine SAP data with non-SAP data to get a full picture of your end-to-end process? No worries, we’ve got that covered! Our intuitive no-code “extract-transform-load” (ETL) solutions allows Business Analysts to integrate SAP and non-SAP data sets with a few simple clicks, no lengthy and complicated coding necessary. Learn more about our ETL solution and our Integration Center in general here.

Seamlessly integrating with non-SAP data



Scalable and repeatable

Our data extraction pipelines can scale up to multi-million transactions. You can configure these pipelines for one-off or periodic extraction (daily, weekly, monthly…). You can generate a new log, override an existing one or append the latest extraction to an existing log in Apromore’s repository. 

Scalable and repeatable




Flexible deployment 

We understand that cloud is not for everyone. That is why we offer Apromore for SAP as a cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution.  

Flexible deployment


Cutting-edge security  

Information in your SAP system can be highly confidential and must be kept secure. We abide by the latest security standards, and ensure that all data extractions are only triggered by your SAP system, not by our connector.

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