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Business technology staff remain in high demand, and teams are under pressure to do more with less, produce results faster, and accelerate key business initiatives like digital transformation while maintaining the same costs. Global enterprises use process mining software to gain insights to improve service operations and customer expectations. The Apromore process mining platform creates transparency into IT processes and helps optimize the end-to-end delivery of IT services and create high-velocity teams. IT managers and operation teams can use process mining to find new ways to optimize service delivery by detecting, analyzing, optimizing, monitoring, and measuring IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.

Organizations can use process mining to align with frameworks like ITIL and support growth in core ITSM processes. These processes include:

Incident management

Use process mining to analyze, monitor and gain alerts to respond and resolve unplanned outages or interruptions in service delivery faster, within service level agreements, and with the most efficient staffing models. Prevent problems before they occur with predictive capabilities. 

Incident management

Change management

Stay on top of change requests by using process mining to determine feasibility and expected delivery time based on past performance, plan for change and trace change history for reporting and auditing purposes. 

Change management

Problem management

Proactively avoid problems, by examining your processes to find the cause of recurring faults through improved transparency, the ability to break down processes into stages and through simulating the impact of alternative solutions before implementing them.  

Problem management

IT help desk

Identify and remove the root causes for long waiting times, unnecessary customer interactions and other frictions points in the way you interface with your customers, in order to enhance the overall customer experience.  

IT help desk

IT asset management (ITAM)

Improve utilization, eliminate waste, and enable productivity through better tracking and support for hardware and software assets by gaining a bird’s eye view across systems. Spot areas to automate, accelerate or improve manual processes, or identify areas where Shadow IT is being used.  

IT asset management


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ITSM systems like Service Cloud, ServiceNow, Jira, Remedy and Maximo contain a wealth of data about key business processes that drive the performance of technology-intensive organizations. Process mining uses data in these systems to map workflows, making it easier to identify ways to increase velocity and agility, enhance quality of service, and remove friction in customer interactions.   

The Apromore process mining platform extracts data from IT support systems to provide an end-to-end view of organizational processes and their performance. Find out more about how we integrate with different systems in our Integration Center 

By filtering out some events and zooming in on others, bottlenecks, rework, overprocessing, and other sources of inefficiencies are exposed, and teams can explore previously undiscovered ways to optimize IT operations and plan change management.  

Automated Process Discovery

What is process mining? Read more here.


Read how our customers are using process mining to improve IT service outcomes using process mining in Jira

Identify Strategies for Effective IT Cost Optimization


Cost optimization is a continuous process that involves a delicate balance between “run” costs and investment in ways to grow the business. New technologies, like automation, can help in some cases but may not be the most effective solution in others. The Apromore process mining software helps IT team members pinpoint bottlenecks, areas of rework, overprocessing, and other sources of inefficiency. By gaining more visibility into processes, business technology teams can make better decisions about which optimization strategies will be the most successful and demonstrate with evidence the value of investment to management. 

Identify Strategies for Effective IT Cost Optimization

Improve Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction


How can you improve service quality without sacrificing velocity? Process mining can identify areas of noncompliance with best practices and enhance customer experience using data, forecasting and alerts without sacrificing efficiency. Track performance in key ITSM processes like incident management and problem management, to make targeted interventions while maintaining high quality of service. Organizations can use the Apromore predictive process monitoring capabilities to alert teams when deadlines or SLAs (Service Level Agreements) will not be met. These predictions enable a data-driven operations management approach that blends into modern collaboration practices like DevOps and Agile. 

customer journey

Estimate the Impact of Changes in Service Management Processes


Use process mining to estimate the impact of changes in terms of service time, quality and resource utilization, so as to direct effort for maximum return on investment. The Apromore process mining platform can measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for continuous improvement programs. Whether your program is focused on reducing attrition in IT staff or delivering better results for clients, process mining can support strategies like digital twins that enable ITSM teams see the direct link between changes and results. 

Operational Excellence
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