Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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In addition to being the steering wheel in the digital transformation journey of many organizations,  process mining is also a gateway to a wide variety of opportunities for AI-driven process improvement.

Want to know more? This on-demand talk, “From Process Mining to Augmented Business Process Management” by Apromore Co-founder, Marlon Dumas, was originally presented at PEX Live: Process Mining 2022 conference.

Discover how organizations are adopting process mining to improve decision intelligence and impact business performance.


With Our Speaker: 

Marlon Dumas



Marlon Dumas

For the past two decades, Marlon has conducted research and delivered business process management and process mining consultancy to organizations and institutions across the world. Marlon’s research has led to 10 US and EU patents, 200+ scientific publications and a textbook used in 250+ universities worldwide.

In this talk, you’ll learn: 

  • Predictive process monitoring: How predictive dashboards built from process mining logs are enabling several organizations to prevent SLA violations and late deliveries. 
  • Digital process twins: How organizations are using simulation models discovered from process mining logs to estimate the impact and ROI of their process change efforts. 
  • How organizations are using prescriptive process analytics technologies to boost their KPIs with targeted recommendations.  


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