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MELBOURNE, Australia (BusinessWire), November 3, 2021 – Apromore, the leading developer of open-source process mining technology, has been named a high achiever and major player in NelsonHall’s Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) for Process Discovery & Mining 2021. Apromore is acknowledged as a High Achiever in both the ‘Ability to Plan Process Change’ and overall ‘Process Mining Focus’ categories, and as a Major Player in the category of ‘Ability to Accelerate Process Change.’ According to the NEAT report, clients are selecting vendors that can deliver faster time to value, safeguards for data security, and mature functionality covering breadth and depth. Apromore’s position in the NEAT report further validates Apromore as a key option in this space, focusing on user-friendly capabilities with insights that drive impactful changes and support clients along each step of their transformation journey.  

“Process discovery & mining market is still driven by process visibility needs but future needs focus around planning and accelerating process changes.  In addition to its ease of use, the Apromore solution offers comprehensive support for the BPMN standard, process simulation, strong predictive process monitoring capability, the ability to accelerate process change, and a pricing model that ensures clients clearly understand what they are paying for,” said Bailey Kong, NelsonHall research analyst and author of the report.  

“With increasing pressures on enterprises and labor constraints for more technical roles, we are focused on making it easier for business roles to use process mining by using intuitive interfaces, data ingestion tools, and low- or no-code configuration solutions,” said Prof. Marcello La Rosa, Co-founder and CEO of Apromore. “Built by analysts for analysts, we’ve ensured that business users can deploy process mining within a few weeks and can use data for evidence-based decision making with about ten hours of training.” 

The adoption of process mining solutions helps enterprises to gain visibility into existing processes, measure conformance with best practices and predict the impact of possible interventions before potentially costly and risky changes are made. Enterprises can use Apromore to achieve cost savings and operational efficiency by optimizing and automating processes, build digital twins of organizations, identify and assess the impact of non-compliance issues, or enhance employee and customer experience through better resource allocation and removal of frictions. 

To read more about Apromore in the NelsonHall’s NEAT Vendor Evaluation for Process Discovery and Mining Technology report, the report is available hereProcess Mining Software Market Report from NelsonHall – Apromore 

More information on Apromore Enterprise Edition can be found here


About Apromore  

By providing the finest and most accessible process mining experience, Apromore enables business leaders to quickly visualize and analyze their business processes for transformation or optimization. The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, Apromore is the only organization offering both an open-source community edition as well as a fully maintained enterprise-grade processing mining solution. For more information, please visit our website.  


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