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Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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Press Release: Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.20


Apromore Adds Capabilities to Give More People Access to Critical Decision-Making Data from Process Mining Techniques  

Update streamlines and simplifies data ingestion, sharing and filtering making it easier to focus on information needed to accelerate operational resilience  

Melbourne, Australia – June 02, 2021– (PRWeb) Apromore, the leading developer of open-source process mining technology, today announced new capabilities to its platform to help enterprises gain access to the data they need to quickly identify sources of inefficiencies and defects, drill down into their root causes and drive operational improvement. Digital transformation and optimization leaders struggle to gain an accurate picture of existing business processes and the potential impact of change. This lack of hard data increases the risk of failure for digitization efforts and puts businesses at a disadvantage against the competition in a rapidly changing marketplace. New capabilities in Apromore make it easier to gain and share data for better decision-making by streamlining the approach to load data from disparate enterprise systems into Apromore, increasing security-related access, storage and sharing, and offering improved ability to filter data views.  

According to Gartner’s May 28, 2020 report Enable Your Digital Business Optimization Strategy by Using Process Mining: “To ride out disruption, merely tweaking the traditional levers of growth will not give an organization the desired outcome. You need to look at your critical business operations with a fresh perspective to understand the reality and quickly change course. Process mining helps you look at your business processes in an unbiased and transparent manner (1).” 

Apromore CEO, and University of Melbourne Prof. Marcello La Rosa, said the latest improvements are part of the company’s research-led focus to contribute innovative, easy-to-use capabilities to the field of process mining. “Democratization of process mining capabilities is the key to digital transformation and accelerating automation journeys for enterprises. By easing data ingestion from systems like SAP and ServiceNow, and improving the ability to create and update dashboards, Apromore helps executives make more informed decisions that create impact,” La Rosa continued. 


Full release notes can be found here and a free trial of Apromore 7.20 here.
Apromore now comes with advanced Extract Transfer Load (ETL) capabilities, including a graphical ETL console, to increase accessibility to process mining techniques by enabling users to define ETL pipelines to ingest data from multiple data sources.  

  • Users have a variety of options to schedule and configure data pipelines for ingestion: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly to better match the pace and operational level at which decisions need to be made. New logs can overwrite existing ones, be appended or created anew. 
  • New Integration Center powered by Apache Airflow provides extensive integration capabilities to connect with a variety of client systems (e.g. enterprise systems, databases) for programmatic access to logs and analytical outputs.  
  • Increased security posture throughout the product, including integration with SAML/OpenID identify managers for SSO access, and the ability to store event logs in a dedicated user-encrypted data volume for SaaS deployments.  
  • Filtering capabilities have been enhanced and filtering performance for large logs has also been improved. 
  • New fine-grained sharing controls for dashboards and filtered views allow analysts to produce multiple dashboards for the same log and share these with different user cohorts or groups (e.g. two different managers). Selective sharing provides better protection for sensitive information and better highlights the information needed for specific decisions.  
  • Ownership of assets – models, logs and other artefacts- can be transferred to a new owner before deleting the user, enabling businesses to better manage business continuity.  
  • Apromore continues to support SaaS (public/private) and on-premises deployment. 


About Apromore 

By providing the finest and most accessible process mining experience, Apromore enables business leaders to quickly visualize their business processes for transformation or optimization. The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, Apromore is the only organization offering both an open source, community edition as well as an enterprise-grade processing mining solution. For more information and access to the open-source version, please visit Apromore website