Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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We can develop custom process mining extensions to Apromore Enterprise Edition to suit your specific needs, which are added as plugins. Given Apromore’s LGPL 3.0 license, extensions don’t need to be released under an open-source license. In other words, you won’t lose any competitive advantage!


We offer two types of custom extensions:

  • Connectors: we can develop custom connectors on top of Apromore’s Integration Center: custom data ingestors to acquire data from 3rd-party software (e.g. customized versions of SAP, Dynamics, Oracle) into Apromore, and custom data exporters to automatically import the analytics produced by Apromore into 3rd-party business intelligence tools (e.g. Power BI, QlikSense, Tableau).
  • Add-ons: we can also build client-specific features that are not included in the core product (e.g. custom solutions for specific domains, custom predictive monitoring dashboards to suit specific needs).


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