Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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How is your organization enabling teams to make smarter, faster decisions and maximize business impact? 

What is preventing your automation projects from delivering value at scale?  

Apromore CEO, Prof. Marcello La Rosa, Liam Doyle, SVP & GM MuleSoft Automation at Salesforce, Andrew Dent, CTO MuleSoft APJ, and Nigel Adams of Hetton Advisory teamed up for a fireside panel on recent developments at the forefront of process mining and automation. These days we are daunted by the plethora of automation technology available out there. Process mining can shine light and help business teams target their automation interventions by gaining a better understanding of “where” to automate, and “how”, so that we can make a much more effective use of automation.

The speakers provide real-life examples of how organizations have been able to benefit from a combined use of process mining and automation technology, and explore together the broader space of “process intelligence”, where capabilities such as process simulation and monitoring can be used with process mining and automation to sensibly shorten the time to value.    

Marcello and Liam also explain how deep integration through the dedicated Apromore connector for Salesforce in the Anypoint platform, enables customers of Salesforce and other systems to identify opportunities to automate across multiple use cases, test their impact via process simulation in Apromore, and feed these automation opportunities directly into MuleSoft RPA with cost/benefit analysis. After automation, Apromore can be used to monitor the improved processes to ensure the expected results are achieved, and fine tune if needed. This continuous monitoring and improvement approach is what we call “roundtrip process mining.” 



In this video, Marcello, Liam, Andrew and Nigel provide real-world examples of how organizations are tackling challenges by using process mining to guide the identification and assessment of automation opportunities, to fast-track digital transformation and operational excellence initiatives. 

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Apromore-MuleSoft Fireside Panel