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Turning a New Regulatory Standard into an Opportunity

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Explore process mining use cases, dive into industry verticals or get insights into Apromore's solutions.



Use Cases

Competitive pressures for efficiency, efficacy and business agility are forcing businesses to rethink operations across the enterprise, investing in automation, risk reduction and customer experience.

Use Cases for process mining software

Example of an industry vertical


Industry Verticals

Find out how process mining helped a business in your industry and explore other application cases, such as process mining in the banking or healthcare industry.

Complement Process Mining with Task Mining

Identifying and understanding hidden inefficiencies in end-to-end processes is one important step towards a resilient and successful business. But small manual tasks are often overlooked. Learn more about the benefits of complementing process mining efforts with Apromore’s task mining capabilities to gain a full picture of your processes.  

Combined process and task mining approach


Building a digital twin


Build a Digital Twin with Process Mining

The current environment demands businesses to be highly adaptable and responsive to succeed. Constant changes are inevitable. A digital twin business model allows you to predict the impact of those changes, prioritize, monitor, and scale digital investments. Make better decisions with Apromore Enterprise Edition’s process mining and digital twin process simulation technology.


Fast track Process Discovery

Enhanced process visibility helps you easily identify the best opportunities for improving your automation, predicting the impact of changes on your key performance indicators, and ultimately, scaling your business efforts. Swiftly and precisely identify your processes and accelerate the time to impact operations with automated process discovery powered by the Apromore process mining platform.




SAP Connector


Apromore for SAP

ERP systems such as SAP® are crucial for today’s business success and it’s nearly impossible to imagine operational endeavors without them. Connect your SAP system to Apromore to unleash your processes’ full potential, support your digitalization and system migration initiatives, and remain competitive with Apromore for SAP.


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