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2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools report

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Process Mining in 2023: Time for Value, Time to Value



For the past 12 years, process mining has had a remarkable adoption path, evolving from a niche technology to discover process maps from transactional data, to a rich body of data-driven methods and tools for business process monitoring and optimization.

Along the way, companies round the world have invested billions of dollars into optimizing their operations with process mining. Many have reaped tangible benefits. But an over-emphasis on technical capabilities and product features over and above business value, has led many process mining initiatives struggling to navigate past their proof-of-value phase to achieve enterprise-wide value delivery.

Our latest Whitepaper, authored by co-founder and professor Marlon Dumas presents key solutions and reveals the direction of process mining in 2023, which includes delivering value by efficiently channeling efforts (time for value) and doing so fast, reliably and iteratively (time to value).



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