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Industry Verticals

Find out how Apromore can help your business by exploring these applications in a range of industry verticals.


Banca Intesa Sanpaolo used Apromore for the discovery and analysis of different paths in forex exchange processes. Data was extracted from different systems and aggregated into a single event log, in order to reconstruct the end-to-end path of forex deals. The bank also used the tool to segregate different variants of a deal based on logical drivers (e.g. type of deal, broker/no broker) and performance driver (e.g. average number of activities, or average cycle time). The variants were then used as input for variant analysis in order to identify root causes for deviations, leading to significant improvements in deals handling time and success rate.

Financial Services

Apromore was used for the analysis of the customer onboarding process at a large North European payment service provider. Specifically, the focus was on analysis this process across four countries where strong differences in performance had been previously observed. The main project goal was to determine which steps or pathways of the process were determining these differences in performance. Performance mining of the entire process and variant analysis with filtering, side-by-side comparison, and multi-log animations allowed the client to find specific pathways that explained lower performance in some countries.


Apromore was used for the discovery and analysis of end-to-end flow for patients affected by acute coronary syndrome at a large healthcare facility in Melbourne, Australia. The project focussed on the analysis of variants of the patient flow, and on the identification of patterns that can explain successful vs. unsuccessful patient discharge. Data was extracted from the electronic medical records of the hospital, and corroborated with patients feedback on treatment experience obtained via interviews. The results were validated via a final focus group with hospital staff.


Apromore was employed for the analysis of end-to-end motor-vehicle claims handling processes at Unipol Sai, one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. The project goal was to identify root causes of underperformance in some of the company’s subsidiaries. In addition, we supported the organization by designing and implementing a predictive monitoring dashboard to anticipate SLA violations and ameliorate resource allocation. The results of the project include improvements in claims handling turnaround time in the order of several days and a significant reduction in error rate.

IT Service Management

Apromore was instrumental for the identification of performance bottlenecks and isolation of positive deviations from negative ones at a large European IT service provider of higher education software. The results have informed process standardization initiatives, leading to a substantial simplification of service management operations.


A logistics company in the Middle East used Apromore to discover process flows related to the shipment of supplies from different suppliers. We assisted the company in the development and deployment of a custom predictive monitoring dashboard providing detailed and accurate reports on delayed deliveries of supplies (late supply and severity of delay) across multiple regions and shipment types.


A large Italian multi-utility company used Apromore to discover and analyze activation and management of emergency actions and of commercial subscription processes. The project also included the validation of different process flows, and the verification of the timing of intervention by geographical area.


We worked with a large Australian network provider to identify possible anomalies (non-compliant cases) in the management of network incidents and change requests to the network infrastructure. Further, we performed variants analysis (between different case variants) as well as conformance checking against a normative process model. The project concluded with a feasibility analysis for predictive process monitoring.

Tertiary Education

Apromore was successfully employed to analyze and improve higher education processes such as student admission, enrollment & graduation at the University of Parma (Italy) and University of Melbourne (Australia). The projects revolved around the root-cause analysis of rework & repetitions, the assessment of performance of different student cohorts (domestic vs. international, undergraduate vs. graduate) and the identification of deviations with respect to normality pathways.

Public Administration & Government

We assisted a large Australian Federal Government department in the discovery and analysis of their ICT procurement and portable electronic device fulfillment processes, across different types of requests and territorial units. The project included the historical analysis of procurements in the 2017-18 vs 2018-19 financial years. Significant behavioral and performance differences were identified across process variants. A predictive model was also trained to predict the completion time of requests.


A large Australian food manufacturing corporation in the meat production & distribution, used Apromore to analyze carton movements throughout five production plants and a central coldstore. Through Apromore, the company has been able to effectively identify primary and preferred process flows, conduct a comparison of process variants and associated flows through their five production plans, isolate re-loops and bottlenecks and quantify the effects of related process inefficiencies and opportunities for change.

Aerospace & Defence

A multi-national aerospace corporation headquartered in Europe used Apromore to analyze their avionics repair request process across different customers, geographies and product types. They discovered process frictions and variations, and with the help of Apromore’s integrated simulation engine, they simulated different what-if scenarios to assess the impact of several process interventions aimed to rectify such frictions and reduce variability.
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