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Apromore Named a Leader in Everest Group’s 2024 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Process Mining

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Deep dive into individual process tasks and improve your performance and compliance with task mining.  

Identifying and understanding hidden inefficiencies in end-to-end processes is one important step towards a resilient and successful business. But small manual tasks are often overlooked when it comes to process improvements and process automation initiatives. This, however, can lead to long waiting times for customers, inefficient handovers, underutilized resources, non-compliant procedures, failing of RPA and digitalization efforts.

Complement process mining efforts with Apromore’s task mining capabilities to gain a full picture of your processes.  

Task Mining with Apromore

Insights into rework loops and bottlenecks on a task level

Why Task Mining

In contrast to process mining, task mining focuses on individual, often manual tasks that occur during almost every process. It analyzes records of employee interactions with one or multiple software applications, such as Microsoft Excel® or Word®, while keeping sensitive information safe. 

This approach allows businesses to take in information about steps that are not recorded in their enterprise systems and would, hence, be missed in traditional process mining. By leveraging task mining capabilities you can dive even further into the details of your operations to achieve full transparency. For example, task mining allows you to understand how workers execute their tasks – do customer representatives usually answer each customer enquiry individually, or do they batch them or multi-task? What works better? And what are the implications of these differences on customer satisfaction?  

Make use of user interaction data to understand how employees get their work done and where inefficiencies and non-compliance hide. Learn more about task mining here 

Why Task Mining

Benefits of combining Process and Task Mining

Combining task mining capabilities with process mining provides you with a comprehensive picture of your processes. No more process gaps, no more hidden inefficiencies or compliance traps. Further benefits of complementing process mining with task mining insights include: 


Full Transparency

Achieve full transparency with process and task mining. Together, these approaches bridge the gap between task analysis and end-to-end process view. Build your business strategy on accurate and valuable insights of entire process steps, even those usually overlooked.  

Full Transparency



Productivity Improvements

Understand hidden tasks and identify poor handovers, rework, underutilized or overutilized resources, to make data-informed process improvement decisions. Combining process and task mining helps you improve the way your employees and colleagues work. 

Productivity Improvements


Increased Compliance

Gain full understanding of what employees are doing and where compliance issues arise. Monitor such tasks and mitigate the associated risks through optimized processes and improved dashboarding and auditing.  

Increased Compliance


Accelerated Automation via RPA

Identify highly repetitive, manual and especially error-prone routines for your automation via RPA initiatives. By combining process and task mining, you can accelerate your automation journey while creating quick wins for your employees and organization.  

Accelerated Automation via RPA
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Book your free consultation today to learn more about the benefits of combining process and task mining.

Book your free consultation today to learn more about the benefits of combining process and task mining.

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