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Join a global network of process mining educators and use Apromore for free.



If you are an educator and would like to use Apromore in your classes, get in touch to join the Apromore Process Mining Academic Alliance. You can join our network of 150+ educators in 100+ universities across 50+ countries, providing process mining education to more than 5000 students per year.

As a member of the Academic Alliance, you will have access to a license of Apromore Enterprise Edition (SaaS) free of charge for you and your students for academic purposes. You will also gain access to a growing hub of teaching & learning resources, including the benefits mentioned below.


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Hands-on exercises

Hands-on exercises suitable for classwork (lab sessions), homework or exams, together with solutions, explanations and datasets.

Slide decks

Slide decks on process mining covering a wide range topics including automated discovery, performance mining and dashboards, conformance checking, variant analysis, predictive monitoring, as well as process mining project methodology. Our repository includes introductory presentations, and slide decks for short courses (3-6 hours) and long courses (12 hours).

Video tutorials, readings and resources

Video tutorials, readings and resources covering all topics related to process mining, both from a technical and from a business perspective, as well as quick start guides, user manuals and analysis templates for Apromore Enterprise Edition.


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