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Integration Center

Explore the variety of integration options Apromore offers.


Apromore’s Integration Center provides integration capabilities to connect with a variety of client systems, such as packaged enterprise systems or databases, in order to extract raw data, transform it into event logs and load these into Apromore for analysis. Additionally, the Integration Center can export the generated process analytics back into a client system, such as a data lake, for consumption by third-party tools. For example, you can use this approach to visualize the process analytics produced by Apromore within a dashboard built in PowerBI or Quick, or conduct SAP process mining project. There are endless integration capabilities – and custom solutions can be built on-demand. 


Apromore’s Integration Center comes with a range of out-of-the-box connectors to ingest data from systems such as SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, or others, and push analytics out so as to be consumed by third-party applications.  

  • Salesforce: We can extract logs related to lead-to-quote processes from Sales Cloud, and issue-to-resolution processes such as incident management from Service Cloud. Other processes can be supposed via custom integrations.
  • SAP: We can extract data from SAP ECC and S/4HANA with predefined table-to-log mappings for order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and record-to-report processes. Additionally, we can define mappings for custom tables/fields and other processes of your choice. Learn more about our solution for SAP process mining.
  • ServiceNow: We support helpdesk and incident management processes running on ServiceNow. Other processes can be supposed via custom integrations.
  • Oracle NetSuite: We support procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes from NetSuite. Other processes can be supported via custom integrations.
  • Atlassian Jira: We can extract logs of issue-to-resolution processes from Jira Software and Jira Service Management.
  • Databases: We can connect to relational data sources via JDBC/ODBC in order to extract raw data from database tables.  
  • REST API: our REST API can be consumed for both event log ingestion and analytics egestion by virtually any system.
  • AWS S3 bucket integration: Besides the REST API, we can also extract event logs from an AWS S3 bucket and store the produced analytics back into the S3 bucket. The bucket can be hosted by Apromore or by the client’s private cloud.
  • Custom connectors: Connect to thousands of different systems through our partnership with Workato. We can develop custom connectors to integrate with other client systems, incl. systems in specific industry verticals such as insurance and healthcare, and legacy/mainframe systems. 


sap process mining

Do you want to learn more about our integration with SAP? Explore the benefits of our SAP connector and learn how you can take your SAP processes to the next level with Apromore here. 

Custom ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines

In addition to the out-of-the-box connectors, Apromore provides a no-code interface allowing business analysts to define and schedule the automated execution of custom ETL pipelines using a point & click approach. 


  • Transformation mappings: With Apromore you have the ability to define mappings to transform a collection of tables into an event log using a variety of transform operations: tables join, columns concatenation, column renaming, column deletion, derived columns, relabeling of column values, performing arithmetic and statistical operations on column values and more.  
  • Delta uploads: Perform delta uploads, i.e. concatenate an extracted log to an existing log in Apromore. For example, you can use this to track orders since your last upload.
  • Scheduling: Schedule extract-transform-load workflows periodically, for example every Monday morning or every month, all the way from the row data extraction from your data sources (such as SAP, ServiceNow or a database) through to event log ingestion into Apromore. 

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