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Data + AI + Process = Magic

Salesforce launched Data Cloud officially at Dreamforce in 2022 when it was affectionally known as Genie. Since then, it has become Salesforce’s fastest organic product ever on track to achieving almost $2bn in recurring revenue this year. 

What is Data Cloud anyway?  

Data Cloud is an attempt to unify data across all of Salesforce’s Clouds. As part of the Salesforce Einstein 1 platform, Data Cloud allows external data lakes or warehouses to drive actions and workflows inside of the Salesforce CRM.  

First, Data Cloud operates by unifying enterprise data and eliminating data siloes by seamlessly integrating both structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources into Salesforce using a wide library of connectors.  Then, given that Data Cloud is built on Salesforce’s foundational metadata layer, you can integrate your Salesforce applications and low-code services. Finally, Data Cloud incorporates all of Salesforce’s vast generative AI capabilities in a trusted and secure environment with pre-trained AI models.  

The real value of Data Cloud resides in unlocking enterprise data across systems to create better customer experiences and to drive growth.  

But what is it missing?   

If Data Cloud is a treasure chest, then process mining is the treasure map that leads you there. Today, many enterprises are aware that the average business process crosses at least 5-10 applications, and while they have perceptions as to how their people and systems are working together within processes, in reality business operations vary vastly from perceptions. 

Apromore helps you understand the way your business processes are actually working by mining metadata and log files from systems of records to create as-is maps of how your processes are actually running. And along the way, Apromore shows you the bottlenecks, rework loops, and capacity utilization that can be significantly improved.  By using Apromore’s simulation capabilities, you can redesign your process with automation or reskilling, and significantly improve customer experiences, margins, or any operational processes. 

With the power of process mining built on top of Data Cloud, customers can unify and harmonize their data in one place, unlock the processes that all that data touches, and then work on ways to continuously optimize and improve those processes, using “roundtrip process mining” with the Apromore integration for Salesforce. Instead of manually connecting data from multiple systems, you are able to capture data from a single source of truth on all your Salesforce processes.  Whether you are trying to improve your home loan origination process, decrease SLA violations, or increase the clock speed of your business, Data Cloud and process mining are the magic ticket to success. 

How do I get started? 

 Check out this demo and come by our booth (103) at Salesforce World Tour NYC on April 25th. Let’s make magic together! 


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