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Whitepaper: Changing the Operating Model is a Lot Riskier than We Think (with Nigel Adams)

The banking sector globally is embracing transformation in all aspects. Therefore, operating model changes are natural reactions of banks to current rapid market challenges. So, the question stands: How to get this change right?

This is where process mining comes to play, helping organizations to scale their transformation steps, so they can confidently and economically embark onto a new growth trajectory.

In the last several weeks, we have been bringing you whitepapers from our new banking series with banking expert Nigel Adams, an industry consultant and advisor. This week, we conclude the series with its 5th and last addition. In the new whitepaper, “Changing the Operating Model is a Lot Riskier than We Think,” you can gain insights into derisking changes to the operating model. You can also learn how to use process mining to ensure that your business reaches the full potential of its business processes.  

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