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Apromore Announces Predictive Process Monitoring

Apromore Announces Predictive Process Monitoring Capabilities to Predict Key Process Outcomes

See the impact of process change to align teams to meet strategic objectives.

Melbourne, Australia  – July 27, 2022 Apromore, a leading provider of value-driven process mining software, today announced the release of new capabilities to help enterprises predict process outcomes and achieve operational resilience. Ongoing economic pressure and disruption force enterprises to reconsider how they do business and find ways to adapt processes quickly and optimize human capital, supply chain management, and risk mitigation. In addition, increased employee access to process analysis solutions shortens the time to understand and respond to customers and stakeholders. The latest release of the Apromore process mining platform now puts the ability to forecast business process outcomes in the hands of analysts and decision-makers. 

“Apromore continues to deliver high value to its clients due to its strong process mining offering that has witnessed significant enhancements over the last few years,” said Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everest Group. “The company continues to deliver on its roadmap and vision of achieving the full potential of process mining, helping clients spur increased adoption with an intuitive interface and ease of use.” 

Everest Group recently recognized Apromore as a Major Contender and among the highest-ranked solutions in terms of capability and vision, on the Everest Group Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix®.  

Apromore’s predictive monitoring add-on can build predictive models based on historical event logs and use these models to generate predictions. 

The add-on can generate predictions, including: 

  • The time until completion of the process. This helps businesses to schedule resources, meet partner and customer service level agreements and manage supply chains.  
  • Any binary or categorical outcome, such as will the customer complain or not? Will the customer return the product? Will a customer pay their invoice on time? 

Apromore CEO, and University of Melbourne Professor Marcello La Rosa, said these latest enhancements allow business stakeholders to connect data to business outcomes by triggering actions that instantly create business value. 

“As process mining adoption becomes increasingly pervasive, it must connect to business process change to produce real value. The latest version of Apromore helps people to view process change across systems and departments and predict changes to KPIs, enabling teams to have conversations about how to align to achieve strategic objectives,” La Rosa continued. 

Watch a process mining demonstration 

About Apromore  

By providing an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy process mining solution, Apromore enables business teams to quickly visualize and analyze their business processes to unlock value in existing processes or identify strategies for transformation or optimization. The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, Apromore supports cloud, hybrid or on-premises deployment. For more information, please visit our website.

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