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Apromore and SMC Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Italy

Italian organizations have a new option to gain critical data insights to support process automation and optimization efforts. SMC, an established digital transformation provider, and Apromore process mining have partnered to help public administration, utilities, pharmaceutical, and distribution organizations leverage process intelligence to improve operations, customer experience and better manage organizational change and reduce risks.  

Process automation is a top-three priority in Europe; however, traditional process discovery and modeling are costly, time-consuming, and error-prone. The partnership will help SMC fast-track process discovery for customers by identifying and visualizing actual business processes. The discovered models can be used in digital transformation initiatives to inform decisions about which processes to change, automate, eliminate, or further test. For example, testing customer migration strategies using process mining techniques can reduce the risk of poor experience and compliance violations in a variety of industries. 

SMC’s CEO, Marco Tessarin, says “Creating value for our customers is our number one priority. By using advanced analytics technologies like Apromore process mining, we will be able to work with customers to quickly identify projects that will create the most impact on their business.” 

Marcello La Rosa, Apromore co-founder and CEO, and Professor at the University of Melbourne, says “SMC is well-positioned to deliver strategies like implementing digital twins to help understand the impact of changes on complex processes, with a strong focus on the manufacturing and distribution sector.” 

“SMC’s emphasis on customer outcomes and the use of intelligent automation strategies make them an excellent partner for Apromore’s continued expansion in the European market,” added Prof. La Rosa.  

SMC customers can achieve faster time to results because of Apromore’s open systems approach and technology partnerships with organizations like Workato that ease extraction of high-fidelity datasets for process mining from a wide range of enterprise systems. For example, businesses can achieve end-to-end process transparency for SAP process mining by linking SAP ECC® or S/4HANA® to Apromore. Apromore’s Integration Center comes with a range of out-of-the-box connectors to ingest data from systems, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, or others, and push analytics out to be consumed by third-party applications.   

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