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Whitepaper: Operational Risk in Banking (with Nigel Adams)

The pressure on operational risk professionals is growing: more regulatory scrutiny, ever-changing regulations, heightened customer and shareholder expectations supported by fragmented processes and complex legacy applications.

Process mining is a critical part of the toolkit for operational risk professionals, improving alignment between the risk and the operations functions and providing critical data for decision-making.

In the last two weeks, we brought to the first two whitepapers from the new banking series with banking expert Nigel Adams, an industry consultant and advisor. Following its well-received previous pieces, this week, we introduce to you a new addition to this series. In the new whitepaper, “Operational Risk in Banking,” we guide you through the potential of process mining in the field of operational risks in banking today and how process mining can enhance your analyses and help you focus on investigating matters of concern.

Download your copy.

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