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Seamlessly Share BPMN Models Between Apromore and Holocentric

Apromore and Holocentric customers can now easily import/export BPMN 2.0 models between Holocentric Modeler and Apromore Enterprise Process Mining.

Organizations using Holocentric Modeler to capture business process models, can check these with conformance against discovered models, using the import capability of the Apromore dashboard.

Conversely, Apromore users can export process models from Holocentric Modeler and elaborate these to become part of a Business Management System (BMS) in the Modelpedia environment, relating process elements to other enterprise items, including functional frameworks, risks, controls, policies, and documents, for operational and ongoing compliance purposes.

This highlights the relationship between the two innovative Australian companies, which has been evident for many years.

Learn what other process mining capabilities can help you accelerate your operational excellence journey here.

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