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Process Mining Battleground: Interview with Apromore’s Co-Founder Marlon Dumas

When it comes to digital transformation and choosing the right technology, business leaders, CEOs, CIOs and automation architects seek out real-world, ‘in the trenches’ experience.  But, every company is unique – therefore there is no “magic bullet” product, solution, or vendor that is right for everyone. Instead, understanding “why” a technology or service or solution matters, and “how”  it should be evaluated are key.  

That’s exactly what Acceleration Economy Network set out to do with its recent Process Mining Battleground, bringing together the leading and fastest-growing vendors to answer common questions that executive committees and CXO buyers are using to evaluate solutions and build their shortlists. 

Apromore’s co-founder and chief product officer Marlon Dumas joined executives from Celonis, SAP Signavio and UiPath and others to talk about top use cases, differentiators, the state of process mining adoption, and how Apromore is bringing greater value to customers.  

In this post we’re serving up all the highlights from the Acceleration Economy Process Mining Battleground – including the link to watch it on demand below.    

But first some highlights from Marlon’s interviews with the Acceleration Economy analyst and practitioners on what matters in process mining: 

Prioritizing Time to Value 

Process mining has evolved from a niche technology that analyzes event logs to advanced data-driven methods and tools for business process monitoring and optimization. Along the way, some have reaped tangible benefits. But an over-emphasis on technical capabilities and product features over and above business value, has led many process mining initiatives struggling to navigate past their proof-of-value phase to achieve enterprise-wide value delivery. You can read more about time to value in Marlon Dumas’ paper here 

Marlon talks with Acceleration Economy’s founding analyst and chief content officer Aaron Back about how to accelerate time to value while ensuring continual improvement.  

This relies on a key theme and customer priority that is time to value. “It’s about being able to bring value out of analytics in general, and process mining in particular, in a matter of weeks, not months,” Dumas notes.    

“A point-and-click interface allows business users themselves to perform process mining analysis to identify improvement opportunities – because in reality it is the interaction between the data insights and domain knowledge that the business users are where the real opportunities for improvement are.”  

Watch it here

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