Apromore Announces Seamless Integration with MuleSoft RPA Manager 

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Introducing: Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19!

Introducing: Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19!

Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.19 is here!

Introducing the newest version of your process mining solution:

  • Integrated state-of-the-art BPMN simulation engine for what-if analysis on process models discovered from logs or manually created
  • New advanced filters: arc/node performance filters and secondary attribute filters for OLAP operations
  • Revamped log animation: new captivating graphics, improved scalability
  • Ability to generate a report or a presentation from a custom dashboard
  • More log import formats (Excel, Parquet)
  • And much more to make your process analysis and process optimization more time and cost-effective!

You can read more in our Release notes.

Interested in trying Apromore 7.19 yourself? Start your free trial and experience how Apromore can accelerate your digital transformation journey!

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