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Apromore Rolls Out New Features in Version 9.5


Press Release: March 13, 2024

Apromore Rolls Out New Features for Turning Complex Process Data into Clear Actionable Insights  

Apromore version 9.5 extends the platform’s AI-enabled process optimization engine to empower business users to gain insights and drive continuous improvement decisions on processes with thousands of activities and connections. 

Melbourne, March 13, 2024 – Apromore™ today announced new and enhanced platform features that help business users to visualize and refine highly complex processes. New intuitive no-code features streamline process design and testing, and advanced KPI- and root-cause analysis transforms raw data into actionable insights. The result is faster, more effective decision making that delivers performance enhancements in weeks, unlike other solutions that can take months or years, and drives strategic business transformation with minimal IT dependency. 

Marlon Dumas, Chief Product Officer at Apromore said, “Enterprises are wrestling with increasingly complex operational landscapes with too many moving parts, rapidly evolving customer expectations, and growing regulatory requirements and compliance risks. The simplicity of the Apromore platform means business users can easily use the platform to support initiatives such as digital transformation and operational excellence without requiring constant roundtrips with data scientist or IT teams. The latest version of Apromore builds on our vision for Intelligent Process Twins and enable users to easily visualize and simulate highly complex processes and test what-if scenarios before changes are made to empower better decisions, anticipate trends and optimize performance.”  

Building on user feedback and the Apromore platform’s no-code AI-enabled architecture, these new tools and capabilities add to the company’s full spectrum of process intelligence capabilities, including automated process discovery, compliance checking, data-driven process simulation, and predictive process monitoring. Using the Apromore platform, business users can automatically generate process digital twins from transactional data extracted from enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow. These digital twins are process models enhanced with simulation parameters that can be used to test different automation scenarios via an intuitive, no-code interface. 


New and enhanced features and capabilities include:  

Block-Based Filters allow users to capture complex business metrics using an intuitive drag-and-drop, no-code approach, inspired by the popular Scratch programming language. Using this capability, business users can build their own library of custom, reusable metrics and KPIs to monitor their business processes and generate insights for continuous improvement.  


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The award-winning Apromore Process Discoverer now includes new layout options for visualizing and navigating through very large and complex process maps.  New visualizations allow users to horizontally align and lock the most frequent activities in one specific Y-coordinate, called the backbone line. Users now have three layout options when configuring the process map layout in Process Discoverer: legacy left-to-right, auto-discovered backbone and user-defined backbone. This capability enables users to visually navigate through process maps with thousands of activities and connections, and to spot deviations that are causing the most pain to the customers or to the business. 

An updated Activity Inspector feature allows users to drill down into transaction detail. Users can double-click the activities on the process map to investigate the activities that precede and follow the transaction in detail and analyze relevant metrics such as relative frequency, average frequency and average duration. This new functionality allows for a greater level of process understanding by zooming into individual activities in highly complex process maps to gain insights for automation and standardization. For example, users can inspect customer service workflows to uncover individual deviations in their processes that may be costing them hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in unnecessary manual effort. 

 Apromore process Discoverer

Optimized visualization of a process, activities, and  connections in Apromore Process Discoverer. 


Micro-Batch Ingestion. Apromore now supports near-real-time data refresh by means of micro-batch ingestion. This capability allows data engineers using the Apromore platform to efficiently process large datasets with reduced latency and improved scalability.  

Enhanced KPIs and Root Cause Analysis allows users to discover complex conditions consisting of more than one predicate, such as Country = “Germany” and InvoiceAmount > 5000 and ProductType = “Machinery”. This helps users understand specific contributing factors to the KPI violations.  

These and other capabilities are available in the Apromore version 9.5 release and are available now.   

The Apromore platform is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy AI-driven process mining solution that enables business and technology teams to quickly visualize and analyze their business processes and simulate proposed changes prior to implementation in order to measure impact and risk.  The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, the Apromore platform includes no-code features and a simple UI that continuously delivers new insights into operational performance and compliance. 

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Apromore™ is a leading global provider of process mining and AI-driven business process improvement technology. Our mission is to democratize process mining by making it possible for business teams to rapidly use advanced data science techniques to achieve digital transparency and operational excellence. Built on award-winning technology, the Apromore platform transforms how teams make decisions and their ability to unlock value in transactional data by revealing inefficiencies, friction points, and compliance violations in their processes. To learn more about us, visit https://apromore.com. 


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