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Apromore Partner Breakawai to Help 5 Danish Municipalities to Improve Operational Efficiency Using Process Mining


Governments and municipalities continue to experience external change pressures in 2022. The pandemic response pushed government agencies to reconsider service delivery, accelerate digital transformation and reshape their approach to technology.  

However, significant challenges remain. Ageing and complex legacy processes have inhibited governments’ ability to meet citizen needs and changing expectations. The public sector must continue to invest in digitization and operational improvement to remain effective in the face of changing population needs. As a result, most governments forecast an increase in IT spending in the coming years, focusing on application and infrastructure modernization and digital government transformation. Agencies building on existing efforts to make services more efficient and accessible for the public need access to better data to improve the effectiveness of decisions.  

Our partner in the Nordic region, Breakawai, has been selected as the supplier for the KL AI-Signature project. The project will use Apromore process mining to help a consortium of five Danish municipalities achieve operational improvements within their employment departments.  

Claims management processes are crucial for cost optimization as claims payments comprise a significant portion of an organization’s revenue. Incorrect or inefficient processes result in errors and high claims processing times. Italy’s Worker’s Compensation Institute, INAIL, uses Apromore to continuously improve its processes. Using insights gained by automatically discovering processes and analyzing potential changes, the organization re-engineered a complex procure-to-pay process, significantly shortening wait times. Additionally, INAIL has reduced risk by identifying and eliminating non-compliant cases.   

A large superannuation (retirement fund) organization also used process mining to improve its claims process. Prior to implementing Apromore, they used estimates to calculate the costs of the claims process. After implementing Apromore, they captured an accurate model of existing processes, providing precise data regarding inefficiencies and non-compliance. The team showed that the time from identifying a challenge to making a process improvement was 2.6 times faster with process mining than with traditional approaches. The new data meant the organizations could quickly spot and respond to customer needs. 

Digital immaturity and legacy processes continue to be barriers to operational efficiency at public sector organizations. By adopting process mining techniques, governments and municipalities can gain insight into existing processes and identify where and how to implement changes, reducing the cost and risk of mistakes. In addition, using simulation and predictive monitoring, public sector organizations can spot challenges before they happen.  

To better understand how process mining can help improve public sector processes, please contact us to start the conversation. 

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