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Apromore Announces Massively Scalable Process Mining

Elastic architecture supporting big datasets, makes Apromore suitable to mine service-intensive customer-facing processes.

Melbourne, Australia – 22 March 2023 – Leading process mining vendor Apromore today announced its new massively scaling process mining solution. The solution meets the needs of organizations to load and analyze large amounts of case or event data. Enterprises in banking and finance, and other high-volume industries such as those in logistics, telecommunications or healthcare can now gain insights to make better decisions about changes to processes to improve business outcomes.

The ability of organizations to apply process mining to large datasets is crucial in enabling them to optimize operational processes fully, predict potential failures, and identify regulatory compliance risks. A key value of the new Apromore solution is its ability to handle large datasets and handle multiple large datasets concurrently. Organizations are complex organisms with many interacting and interrelated processes. The ability to quickly analyze and optimize across various systems and numerous processes has been challenging, but with the latest version of Apromore, it is both possible and affordable. 

Scalability for process mining is becoming an essential selection criterion. In the UK alone, there are around 70,000 non-life insurance claims paid per day and a similar number of monthly mortgage applications are processed. While in the USA, lenders process approximately 400,000 mortgage applications weekly, and insurance companies process more than $1 billion USD commercial medical and pharmacy claims annually. 

The combination of product scalability and a practical, flexible pricing model ensures the ability to manage multiple large datasets is now within reach of organizations of all sizes. The Apromore platform can be used enterprise-wide, across all enterprise processes for a fraction of the cost of some single-process solutions. 

Marlon Dumas, Chief Product Officer at Apromore, stated, “With this latest release based on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) technology, Apromore handles event logs with hundreds of millions of events, while autoscaling enables customers to start small and seamlessly scale as needed. We are truly excited by the possibilities this brings to customers and industries for whom traditional process mining architectures fell short.”  Prof Dumas continued: “The ability to manage and analyze large datasets is critical to helping organizations shift their focus from optimizing relatively simple back-end processes like procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, etc. to critical front-office customer-facing processes such as claims handling, field service requests and call centers. While the ability to apply that scalability affordably ensures we can keep delivering on our vision of providing process mining for everybody.” 

The combination of scalability in this release and last year’s release of Predictive Process Monitoring makes Apromore a perfect fit for organizations seeking to further their digital transformation.  

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