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Apromore Enterprise Edition 7.20 has arrived!

Very proud to introduce our brand new version of Apromore.

Key highlights for this release include:

  • New Integration Center powered by Apache Airflow to connect with multiple client systems
  • Advanced extract-transfer-load (ETL) capabilities, including a graphical ETL console to schedule automated data ingestion pipelines from multiple data sources
  • Increased security posture throughout the product with the ability to store event logs in a dedicated user-encrypted data volume and ability to connect to corporate Single Sign-On (SSO) identify providers
  • Enhanced visual filtering capabilities and performance: a large variety of filters at your fingertips, no coding required
  • New fine-grained sharing controls for dashboards and filtered views: associate multiple dashboards to the same log and share them with different user cohorts

…and much more to help you bring your business processes to the next level!

You can read more in our Release notes.

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Enjoy the read of our Press Release!

Watch the Custom Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Pipelines video.

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