Apromore Announces Seamless Integration with MuleSoft RPA Manager 

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The Best Open-Source Software of 2020

The Best Open-Source Software of 2020

InfoWorld has announced the best open-source software of 2020 / aka the “BOSSIE Awards”. We are proud and honored to learn that Apromore is one of the 25 awarded tools!

According to InfoWorld, Apromore provides users with “accurate view insights into your IT systems […] by analyzing KPIs from your IT back end, ingesting BPMN activities and flows, and creating dependency graphs”. InfoWorld also highlights the fact that “…the metrics and visual insights provided by Apromore will do wonders to inform your change impact analyses and end-to-end optimization efforts in your enterprise workflows.”

Apromore shares the BOSSIE Award with prominent open-source software projects including Apache Airflow, Drupal, and Redis. And it’s the only Australian company in the mix! Congrats to the other 24 winners!

Read more details about the BOSSIE Award.

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