Apromore Announces Seamless Integration with MuleSoft RPA Manager 

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Apromore at PEX Live: Process Mining 2022

Apromore at PEX Live: Process Mining 2022

Join Apromore Co-founder Marlon Dumas presenting on From Process Mining to Augmented Business Process Management, Trends and Early Success Stories at the PEX Live: Process Mining 2022 conference organized by PEX Network on March 8, 2022, at 11am EST.

During the 4th year of the largest and longest running process mining event, Marlon will share his visionary thoughts based on years of research and present success stories from the early adopters. Additionally, Marlon will dive into what trends are driving the urgency of implementing augmented business process management and how your business can be benefiting from the AI-enabled capabilities these trends bring.

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