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Apromore Community Edition


Apromore Community Edition (CE) is the free-to-use open-source edition of the core capabilities of Apromore (find out the differences with the other editions here). You can download a pre-compiled image that runs on Docker or grab the source code and compile it yourself.


  • Apromore CE Docker Container: This is a curated version of Apromore Community Edition including the core plugins only. It is containerized in Docker for easy deployment: just follow the instructions to get Docker for Win, Mac, or Linux and load the Apromore Docker image on top of that. It’ll take care of grabbing everything you need (Java, DB, etc.) and install it for you.

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  • Apromore CE Source Code: This is the source code of the complete Apromore Community Edition, together with build and setup instructions. Suitable for developers and advanced users, this distribution allows you to fully configure Apromore Community Edition (e.g. you can choose to use the H2 or MySQL database, the plugins you want to install, configure LDAP access, and Apromore Portal’s URL). This version of Apromore Community Edition includes the core platform and all the experimental plugins built by the community.

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