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Community Forum

Access our community forum to discuss all things open-source Apromore.


The Apromore open-source community Forum is meant to host discussions on how to use and improve Apromore Community Edition. Please contribute with questions, answers, and comments to build up a knowledge base for the benefit of all Apromore users.

The Apromore open-source development team will try their best to answer your questions. However, we also count on you, especially the advanced users, to help us to animate this community and grow the knowledge base surrounding Apromore, for the benefit of the whole community. Students who use Apromore in their courses are also very welcome, but please do not ask us to help you with your assignments.

Note: This Forum is meant for users of Apromore Community Edition. It is not meant for discussions related to commercial products and services related to Apromore Enterprise Edition. For that, we have a dedicated support service available to subscription clients.


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